Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Campaign For Justice For Robert Delany


for information leading to the conviction of Roberts assailants.

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Roberts Press Articles

July 2011:

Republican Leaders call on public to help put criminals responsible for shooting Robert Delany behind bars.

The Delany family met Sinn Féin President, Gerry Adams TD and Martin Ferris as part of the Justice for Robert Delany Campaign.  Following the meeting, Gerry Adams stated “The Delany family have the total and absolute support of Republican Leaders and we would call on anyone who has information, which would help put Robert’s attackers behind bars to contact the family and the Gardaí. Members of the public have our full support in coming forward.  Those responsible for the attack are criminals and thugs and they should be locked up.” Martin Ferris TD stated “There should be no confusion about those responsible for the attack on Robert Delany.  They are not Republicans, they are criminals and it is important that such criminals are stood up to and nobody no matter who they are, or whatever their past involvement in the Republican struggle, can use the Republican cause as a cloak for criminal activity.  If they attempt to do so they will be repudiated and should face the full riggers of the law.”


Terry Delany welcomed the clear and unequivocal statements from Gerry Adams and Martin Ferris.

2011 Dublin Marathon