Thursday, February 02, 2023
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Campaign For Justice For Robert Delany


for information leading to the conviction of Roberts assailants.

Call Our Confidential Number 087 2572177

Public Messages

Well done for putting this website together. I wish you the best of luck
with your courageous effort. Your dignity is inspirational. I will say a
prayer for ye and for Robert. (SP)


Hi Mags and family I listened to you on the radio today and my heart breaks for you.

I hope and pray that you will get justice for Robert. Good Luck. (A Doyle)


I listened to Mags and Mr. Delaney on just now and was totally impressed

by their devotion to Robert and to getting justice in his name. I wish I knew some

information that could assist in an arrest or arrests but I don't.

I wish you all the best with your campaign.You might consider opening a bank account

in order to fund this as I am sure that I and many

people like me would contribute to it. (Anne O'Hara)


Very saddened to hear Roberts horrific story on the Radio this morning.

I was a postman and now work in the GPO and was aware Robert was involved

in a shooting incident but listening to your story on Marion's show was a frightening

insight into the nightmare your family has experienced.My thoughts and prayers are

with Robert and yourself may you and your family continue to find the courage and

bravery to keep going.Now that I am aware I will support you in whatever way I can.

The Post Office is also a family that looks after its own and I am shocked that a hard

working young man doing his rounds in Tallaght one week could find his life and his

family confronted by this absolute violent nightmare.

Well done on the radio your persistence and positive attitude of mind was an inspiration.

Say hello to Robert we all wish him well

Kind Regards Mick


Hi to Robert and partner/family
I was very saddened to see the article on RTE news tonite about Robert.
Sincerest sympathy to you all.
Justin G.


Dear Delany Family, I just heard your story on radio 4 and I was touched by your story.

I am an American living in Ireland, but a few years ago my father was in cycling accident,

he was hit by a car and the accident resulted in severe brain damage.

He has since passed after a long fight for his life.

I just heard your story on the radio and I wanted to say that my thoughts and

prayers are with you. I believe I can relate to some of the frustrations and suffering

that you are going through. I wish him a speedy recovery and I REALLY hope

they find that scumbag who attacked him.
Kind regards, Kate


My thoughts are with you at this traumatic time. Keep praying for a miracle as

somethimes they happen.

Never give up hope. Once there is life there is hope.

I have had first hand experience of a loved one with brain damage and never gave up.

I am going to Knock soon and will pray for you. Mary


Robert And Sport

2011 Dublin Marathon