Monday, November 28, 2022
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Campaign For Justice For Robert Delany


for information leading to the conviction of Roberts assailants.

Call Our Confidential Number 087 2572177

Innocent Victims Of Violence Ireland

Protest at Eason’s, O’Connell Street, Dublin   In late September 2010 the “Justice for Robert Delany Campaign” became aware that Eason’s had decided to put on sale a book written by one of the men questioned in relation to the attack on Robert.   When this news became available to the wider community, Eason’s was inundated with emails, phone calls, and letters protesting at the decision and requesting Eason’s not to go ahead with the sale of the booked titled “Never Ending Justice”.    Notwithstanding the scale of the protest, Eason’s informed the “Justice for Robert Delany Campaign” they intended to proceed with the sale of the book.  In light of this decision, the “Justice for Robert Delany Campaign” organised a peaceful demonstration outside Eason’s on the 1st October 2010.  Up to 200 people attended the protest comprising of friends, family, fellow postmen/women colleagues of Robert and a cross section of political activists.   Speaking at the protest, Terry Delany (Robert’s father) said “Eason’s have displayed amazing insensitivity and callous disregard to Robert and his many friends and the many innocent victims of crime in this country, who also have been their loyal customers.”   He said “it is hard to understand why Eason’s, a company that holds such an important place in the hearts and lives of ordinary Dubliner’s, should allow itself to be used in this way.”  Mr Delany called on Eason’s to reconsider and immediately remove all copies of the book from its stores.  At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr Delany assured the large attendance that the campaign for Justice for Robert would continue until the criminals responsible were prosecuted and in prison and there would be “Never Ending Justice” for Robert. Regards,Terry Delany        

2011 Dublin Marathon

Campaign Fr Justic For Robert Delany

 Robert Delany was the victim of a vicious gun attack at his home at Russell Rise, Tallaght, Co Dublin on 22nd October 2008
 If you have information which will help the investigation PLEASE, call the CONFIDENTIAL TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0872572177