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Campaign For Justice For Robert Delany


for information leading to the conviction of Roberts assailants.

Call Our Confidential Number 087 2572177

About Robert

Bob before the attack

Robert is best known to all his friends and family as BOB.

He has lived in Tallaght all his life where he attended both the local primary and secondary schools. Bob has a huge group of friends of all ages; we often call him an “aul fella” as he would rather sit in a bar with the older men than go out clubbing with the younger group. A phrase Bob often hears from his family is that “he was born in the wrong era”. He loves Irish Ballads and Bob Marley and isn’t into the modern music that his own age group would be listening to.

Bob is also a big Sports fan in particular GAA and football. He is a big Manchester United fan and has been to Old Trafford on many occasions. His favourite player is Wayne Rooney. He also attended most of the Dublin games.

Bob met his partner Mags when they were 16 and they have been together since. They now have 2 beautiful little girls aged 7 and 2 to which he is a devoted father. Bob and his eldest daughter would visit Old Trafford once a year to watch a game and he taught her all the Manchester United songs. Saturday was their day out where they would go horse riding, swimming or bowling. Often they would go for lunch just the two of them. He has a great relationship with his daughters and the quietest time in their house was when the Simpsons where on the television. There wouldn’t be a sound (even from the baby).r2
Bob was a painter and decorator for many years until he decided to become a Postman. Bob loved his job as a postman and made many friends there. For those who know Bob he is best described as a happy person always out for a laugh, a great mate and a devoted father.  

Bob after the attack

The gun attack on Bob was planned to cause maximum harm. His attacker used a shotgun which fired pellets and Bob took the full force of the blast in the face. He sustained horrific injuries, he lost the sight in one eye and several pellets lodged in his brain causing severe brain damage. Despite the wonderful care of medical staff at Beaumont Hospital and Tallaght hospital the Delany family have been informed there is no chance that Bob will recover.r1.r4

Bob is not on a life support machine or in a coma. He is in a vegetative state, which is a condition also known as the living death. This is because the persons body functions normally but they are unconscious and will never wake up.


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